Special versions for rowing clubs

We know the needs of rowing clubs. With the work we have carried out with the Marne-Joinville club, and their 14 LiteSports, we propose a dedicated version of our boats (in their standard and non-carbon versions) for rowing clubs. These versions have a increased strength and durability to fit to the frequent uses by a varied public.


  • A layer of thicker gelcoat, to prevent damage due to repeated shocks on pontoons for example

  • A reinforcement of the hull by an additional layer of fabric for more solidity in case of big shock

  • The installation of a special composite fin, more resistant than plastic ones, allowing to store the boats directly on the pontoons (for short durations between sessions)

  • Carrying handles to allow children to carry the boat (three children), without any risk for them or the equipment

  • As an option, we can also offer a foam seat for a second child to sit on the rear of the boat, and monitor the direction and safety of the boat.

Club boats