Project Description

LiteSport 2X

This is a version for LiteSport 1X designed for two rowers. A light boat, comfortable, stable and strong. Whatever type of water: sea, river or lake, the LiteSport 2X is great for social rowing. This boat is equipped with large space for storing equipment (picnic or camping). It is also possible to use the LiteSport 2X for solo rowers wishing to go on expedition with lots of equipments.



  • RAL 9016 (white)

  • RAL 5002 (blue)

  • RAL 7011 (grey)


  • RAL 3020 (red)

  • All other colors


Overall length5,55m / 18.2'5,55m / 18.2'
Overall beam0,93m / 3'0,93m / 3'
Height0,48m / 1.6'0,48m / 1.6'
Weight (ready to row without oars)45kg / 99.2lbs38kg / 83.8lbs
Weight (without riggers)39kg / 85.98lbs32kg / 70.55lbs
Maximum load220kg / 485lbs220kg / 485lbs
Average speed (1 knot = 1.852 km/h)4-8 kt4-8 kt