Invest in Liteboats to recruit new rowers !

Rowing is a fantastic sport that everyone enjoys. If you question people in the street, they all have a very positive image of our sport. If you invite them to try, few will accept … why?

Rowing is perceived as a discipline reserved for elites who have very high physical and technical levels. Moreover, the risk of capsizing impresses the general public. There are also few boats in clubs that allow a non-expert population to start learning rowing easily. Liteboat designs stable and very light boats in which you can row and get pleasure. These boats are for beginners, children from 10 years old, seniors, overweight people, people recovering after health problems, etc…

Liteboats will allow clubs to recruit new members who don’t seek the performance but just the pleasure of gliding in a light and quality boat. Many clubs trust in us and are developing new practices using our boats. If you think that rowing is not just the Olympics, contact us!

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