A new concept of rowing boats

Why create a new standard of rowing boat?
From the idea to the reality…

Returning from a solo row in South Atlantic (2009) and from an adventure in the ice of the Northwest Passage in 2010 (still solo row), I was looking for a new type of rowing boat.
I was dreaming of an easy, light and very stable boat.
I wanted to row safely near the coasts of Corsica or Norway with the same speed feeling that you have with a skiff ( competition boat for rivers). And also be able to handle alone my boat and put it on the roof of my car.

I searched in vain for this boat worldwide: it does not exist!
There were many fast racing shells but too unstable and fragile, and the existing coastal rowing boats were too heavy for my projects.

Liteboat was born.

Mathieu BONNIERLiteboat founder / CEO
  • Rowing Transatlantic solo 2009 (Senegal>Guyane)

  • Rowing Northwest Passage solo 2010

  • Rowing North Atlantic Solo Attempt ( USA> France) 2012

  • Race To Alaska Row/sail (Port-Townsend – Ketchikan) 2016

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